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Spatial IWR Estimation

Note : Drag pin to respective location in map or
enter location name and click on "Locate" button to Calculate ETr.

Date Day of Year Day Since Planting Crop Coefficient
Start Day End Day Crop Coefficient
Year Crop Coefficient
Year Crop Coefficient
Date Day of Year ETr
Total Reference Evapotranspiration (mm)

Total Crop Evapotranspiration (mm)

Total Effective Rainfall (mm)

Total Water Requirement (mm)

Total Irrigation Requirement (mm)

System Discharge (lps)

System Requirement (ltr)

Water to be applied per tree (ltr)
Water to be applied per emitter (ltr)

Actual Date of Irrigation

Time of Application

Please fill up all the information like Location Details, Soil Details, Crop Details, Irrigation Details and Calculate ETr for previous irrigation date and current irrigation date then we calculate the IWR.






Sunshine Hours(hr)

Day of the Year

Ref. Evapotraspiration mm/day

x-axis - Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
y-axis - ETr(mm)

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